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THE POWER OF ONE The famous words of Gandhi "Be the change you want to see in the world." May seem abstract or idealistic or even utopian. In 1953, Jean Giono her association with a practical manual: The Man Who Planted Trees, We should all read and reread these pages to prove that small gestures, repeated day after day with patience, can change a corner of the world that all our actions, when combined, can change the world. We have nothing to ask person. No permission is necessary for us, no need to wait after the other. We are armed with our wishes. We just need to be aware of as Elzéard Bouffier hero Giono. Hopefully it will give courage to more and more men and women willing to take the word Gandhi, here and now, without waiting for a man or a woman providential You can make the change, be the change, make your choice. Let's get out of this pyramid together ... Come on! For the love of ONE

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